It's Been Three Years and I'm Back

April 15, 2015

It's been three years and I'm back in Manila. I thought it was five years, but my mental calculations deceived me and my verbal calculations told me that it has indeed been just three years and not five. (Darn, and I thought I was pretty good at maths.)

There was absolutely no travel jitters that came with long trips like these. I felt completely calm and kind of like I didn't really want to leave my homeland, and then I remembered that the Philippines is also my homeland, and a smile that came with nostalgia breezed by. 


| Top - Zumies |  Shorts - Thrifted |  
| Sandals - Forever 21 | Bag - Sange 

Photo Creds: Najla Qamber

So the past two days in Manila has been filled with walking, eating, chilling, catching up, and sleepless nights. It's 1AM and I'm stuck on Bahrain time (8PM). That's actually not so bad if you think about it. 

I'm pretty happy that I finally get to wear shorts without people staring at me in horror or giving me perverted eyes. And it's spring so that means it's almost time to completely burst out those short shorts, skimpy dresses, and sandals we kept hidden all winter. Woohoo! 

We've got the whole week planned with family, friends, and numerous trips to the mall for some souvenirs, and by the end of this entire trip, I only wish that the people I give these souvenirs to would love, enjoy, and be thankful the things I get them. Even if it's just something small. 

"Please like what I get you!"

Do any of you usually travel jitters when you travel anywhere?
Let me know! :) 

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