Blow out the Candles

April 6, 2015

This is the second time in a row that I had a Birthday Brunch. Last year, my toastmaster friends and loving family threw me surprise brunch. With the gifts, the cake, and the shouting "SURPRISE" in the middle of a mall. Embarrassing I know.

This year, I wanted something small. So we went to have brunch a day before my birthday – April 3rd – with my close family and friends. It was a very small and intimate. There were no outcasts, everyone was involved in the conversation, and it was light, fun, and exactly what I wanted. We laughed, ate until our bellies were bloated, took these outfit photos, enjoyed the weather, and blew out the candles. It was pure perfection! 

| Dress - Jacket - Thrifted OM Necklace - Etsy | 
Necklace & Belt - H&M | Shoes - Forever 21 |  

Photo Creds: Sawsan Abdulla & Sarah Marie Barcelona

So on the actual day of my birthday, I spent it at a hotel watching my brother graduate from High School and running around that same hotel trying to organize and get everything ready for a Toastmasters Contest later that evening. 

How convenient was it to have these two events happen at the same hotel right after each other? 

I raise my grande decaf skinny hazelnut latte to finally being 21 years of age. *sips coffee*

How did everyone's week go? 

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