Best Pins of the Week #2

February 27, 2015


So much has been going down on my side of the world lately. I feel like I've been busy all week with toastmaster meetings and other things that I'm too scared to mention for the fear of jinxing it. 

It's competition week in the toastmasters community so the majority of the us have been called in for judging, tally counting, being timer, etc. for multiple clubs, so about 3 to 4 times a week we're at a toastmasters meeting listening to long speeches that would either make us laugh or cry. It can be exhausting.

But Pinterest is always there to help us relax and feel inspired again. While I'm at these meetings I tend to find myself scrolling through Pinterest and pinning more than ten pins in less than 20 minutes. Gash, that website can be hella addictive...

I want to share a few pins that I've been looooving and were just too pretty to resist pinning. 

1. Long Bar Necklaces. This one is from Layered and Long on Etsy. Long bar necklaces are simple and elegant and they look like they can go with almost everything. 

2. Stacked Siren Rings. Now this one from Elisha Marie on Etsy is beautiful! It's elegant and again, simple. I've been trying to get accustomed to wearing rings because it makes our hands look so good. It makes me feel like becoming a hand model whenever I wear them. haha. 

3. Semi Casual Outfits. I just adore Leandra Medine from Man Repeller. She's hilarious and shameless when it comes to her outfits. I love how this particular outfit is a mix of casual, comfy, and just so fancy. 

If you don't already read Man Repeller, I definitely recommend you do, it's hilarious!!

4. Tribal Legging. Is it bad that I have a little obsession with printed leggings? This one is from SiamicWear on Etsy and it just looks gorgeous. What do you all think about printed leggings?

5. Quote of the Week. "Some days you just have to create your own sunshine" Just because everyone is sad and gloomy doesn't mean you have to be too. Take a breathe and create your own sunshine.
What are your favorite pins of the week?

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