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December 18, 2014

Blogmas Day 18

My sister, Nasreen, has been going back and forth to Saudi Arabia for work. Now before you ask or say "Aren't women not allowed to work in Saudi?" or anything relating to that. No. Nasreen works here in Bahrain but her company requires her and her team to go to Saudi since the clients are mostly Saudi based companies.

One day, Nasreen was sweet enough to get us – her two sisters – a little something from a chocolate store over there called "Patchi". It's a Lebanese based chocolate store and is currently the leading chocolate brand in the Middle East. That actually sounds pretty cool but my wallet seems to be screaming at me. When Nasreen told me that what she got me as a bit pricy, I told myself "Okay, I'll only have it for special occasions".

They apparently have a branch over her in Bahrain too, I just never really noticed it. teehee.

Since the weather is at it's minimum temperature of 18 degrees – that's as low as the weather can get with all that pollution going around – it seems to be the perfect time for Hot Cocoa and I decided it was a perfect time to try out this Trésor de Chocolat that Nasreen got me.

I rarely use heated up milk in my hot beverages – I usually go for powdered milk and hot water – but as this little tin of hot chocolate said. "Heat up the milk to a boil then add about 1 tablespoon of Trésor de Chocolat"


"Then stir until clumps are gone and until the mixture thickens" 


Trésor de Chocolat already has a little bit of sugar to it, but if you still find that it's too bitter or tasteless, you could add a little bit more sugar.

And your Trésor de Chocolat is now ready for sipping while you sit in a corner with good book. Easy as that! BOOM!

Do you prefer hot chocolate, tea, or coffee? 
Let me know in the comments, I'd love to know! :) 

Have a jolly day everyone! 

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