Actually, we can.

November 11, 2014

I have set goals for myself and my blog before, on my Blog Bucket list that I have recently put up again. It's just a few long term goals that I would like to achieve throughout my blogger life. 

Having long term goals fills my insides with a bright light of happiness, like I can see the future so clearly as if it was happening right now, but the short term goals excites me like toddler that's high on sugar, and the only thing they would do is run around. It's the short term goals that gets me running and buzzing with excitement to achieve the goals in a short; but reasonable, time frame. 

One of my long term goals is to become a known blogger in my country, which is Bahrain. It's a small country and doesn't seem hard to do, but I feel like it is. That's where my short term goal comes in. 

To establish my community of readers both locally and internationally

Before I say anything else, Hello to my old and new readers, thank you for reading this!. Okay we're back. I know I have a very very small community of readers here in Bahrain that are mostly my friends and relatives who support me in this endeavor. But I hopefully want my blog to reach out to at least a part of Bahrain, like 30%. As for reaching international readers, I'll base that on the odds. 

And a few milestones to get this short term goal on it's way:
  • Create and develop a weekly link up
  • Attend more events and socialize
  • Collaborate with a fellow blogger

Hopefully in time, these goals and milestones will be achieved and my passion for blogging about the things that bring me joy, happiness, and love will continue to prosper. 

Have a wonderful day everyone! 

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