One Night Abroad - Roma, Italia

October 24, 2014

Did you watch that movie Eat, Pray, Love? What am I saying, of course you did. If you didn't, well you missed out, I'm sorry, spoiler alert.

Well in the movie, Liz travels to Italy to fatten herself up and enjoy food. For the new few months of living there, she learned the language, met new people, and savored the food. She basically ate until she dropped. What she experienced in that few months in Italy was so interesting. She had roam the streets, got lost, but made new friends and explored some more. What she had experienced was what I wanted after I read the book and watched the movie. I want to go to Italy to feed myself and explore the streets, the beautiful architecture, and the statues!

If I had one magical night abroad, where would I go? What would I wear? What would I do? and most importantly how will I communicate with the locals.

On to the Night Abroad. I would go to Rome, Italy. Not only for the colosseum, but for the Spanish steps, for the architecture, for the museums, and of course the food.

My first outfit is what I would wear during the day. After having my morning coffee I would roam the city streets with the morning sun shining down. This seems like the perfect time to explore. As afternoon slides in, lunch would be the city's traditional mozzarella pizza, then back to exploring the city of rome.

| Dress & Shoes - H&M
Crop top, belt & Bag - Forever 21
*I can never find the links for these* -.-

Stopping every time we see something worth looking at, even if it's just a random building. Being the tourists we are, we would just stare at it and snap a zillion photos of a random building. I say we because I know that I will not be going on this adventure alone. It's always more fun to have someone with you when you travel.

Perhaps we'll have an afternoon snack, some gelato by the spanish steps. Mmm gelato.

As night slides in, my outfit will try to blend in with the night life, kind of. Change the crop top to a button up, and switch those sneakers with some sandals. Let's party!

| Dress & Button up (similar) - H&M
| Bag & Sandals - Forever 21 | 

Being the young 20 year old that I am, I would want to check out a club or two, probably stay for 10 minutes each then go and have some dinner. This would be the time I try out their spaghetti bolognese and their best glass of wine. Then will most probably wonder the city some more, just to see how it all looks like in the dark with all the lights lit up like a birthday cake. It must've looked breath taking.

The main question now is how do I get around with the language barrier. Before flying to Italy, I would learn a few basic italian phrases, "how much is this" "where is this" "where is the bathroom" "that looks beautiful" "it tastes delicious" you know, the usual. I would probably also try out Smartling to help me with the translating.

Smartling is an online translation services company, that provides multiple options when translating websites, documents, apps from human translators to computer translators, and you are free to choose from the options based on your convenience. It a pretty useful software to use when you travel to a foreign country.

I would then most probably pick up a few things here and there as the city of Rome becomes more familiar to me.

If you were to have one magical night abroad, where would you go?
I'd love to know! 

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