More Jeans and Boots

October 15, 2014

First off, I know this is very very very similar outfit from this post, which was posted earlier this week, but who cares? I love this outfit combo! Plus these photos were taken last month, so let's break some blogging rules! *high five*                                  

I am trying to get my priorities straight. Everything has been going way out of course lately with the distraction of weird facebook videos, new movie trailers, and let's not forget about the new and old TV shows that have been recently released. Mindy Project, The Originals, Once upon a time, Supernatural, etc. I love my TV shows, but there are just so many of them and so little hours of the day to watch it all.

Let's keep focused so by the end of the day we can have the little sweet treat of an episode from our favorite TV show. So do what you have to do during the day and by the end of it, you can just chill, laugh, gasp, and/or cry along with your favorite characters. 

Now tell me, if you're a Supernatural fan, you would recognize this tee. Yes? 
"I am the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition" Said by our favorite and awkward angel from the show; Castiel. I just adore him. 

I saw this tee at Hot Topic and just had to get it. But when I first got it and tried it on, it was too tight; I bought a large. So to stretch it out I put it on and started moving around to try and stretch it out, but since I didn't feel satisfied with how loose it got after I stretched it out, I asked my brother to put it on and stretch it out. In my honest opinion, this shirt does not look good on guys, it just looked so wrong on him.

| Tee - Hot Topic | Button up - H&M (similar)
| Jeans - Bershka | Boots - Forever 21
Photo creds: Najla Qamber

Have a productive day everyone! 
Keep your eye on the prize! 

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