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September 12, 2014

Something pretty cool came in the mail yesterday. I had ordered this set of tarot cards a few weeks back and didn't expect them to arrive until the middle of next week, but yay for it arriving early. That extra $25 really did pay off. 

Tarot cards apparently used to be playing cards in the 15th century until it was used for divination, as wikipedia states. I wonder how they used to play with tarot cards. How did it suddenly turn into the type of cards used to tell the past, present and future? and why? These unanswered questions are a persons way of being too lazy to read the entire wikipedia article, but they will forever dwell on my subconscious mind until I fully decide to look it up and read every single word on that article. 

Now I know that these things aren't 100% true most of the time, but it sure is fun freaking people out when the cards turn out to be highly coincidental. It sure does freak me out a bit. 

There were multiple tarot cards to choose from and when trying to figure out which one to get, I googled and it said, "Pick the one that speaks to you" and took a random quiz that resulted to the Tarot of Druids. If I were to have real magic in my blood, I would want my ancestry to be the druids. So let's say it spoke to me more than the other cards did. 

The artwork in these cards were mostly based on the celtic mythology and partly on the druidic lifestyle, or as they say. It all looks pretty colorful, fun, cartoony, and quite interesting when examined. The booklet that came with the cards simply explain what each card means or stood for. So from there, one can just elaborate on the card based on the person and their feelings which I assume results to the interpretation. 

I've read my cards four times so far in the traditional celtic cross placement, and it all came out pretty accurate, but that's just me trying to believe that these things can be real. Haha, just allow me to indulge in my obsession and celtic fantasies for a little while. 

I bought these tarots from eBay.

Do you all believe in tarot cards and readings?

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