Mini projects and a little reading

July 16, 2014
Due to my laptops mini malfunction, I'm letting it sleep for a few days.

Poor thing has been working nonstop at the speed of light with all the programs I install and the processes I force it to do. I like to speed everything up by multitasking, so that means about 15 tabs open on my browser, and Evernote, iTunes, and Photoshop all launched and bouncing about at the bottom of my screen. So my poor Snow (yes, I named my laptop) needs his rest for a few days.

I am very grateful to have a PC to use as backup. But, it just has Microsoft Picture Manager and no Photoshop, so we'll have to go for quick and simple re-sizing of the photos to make them look BEAUTIFUL!

With my laptop on vacation for a bit, this gives me the perfect chance to finish some of my unfinished projects that I have around my room; like the unfinished button up that I tried to re-size to look presentable to the public eye, and catching up on my reading before the book I've been itching to get my hands on arrives.

I'm currently reading the second book of the Beautiful Bastard series, Beautiful Stranger. So far, the book has been filled with hook ups, quirky comments, and a growing possibility of a fist fight. I can feel it's going to happen sometime in the book. (Goodreads)

Hopefully by Friday my Snow will be good as new, and if not, then we'll see what happens. Because I honestly don't want to use this computer for editing photos. :(

What have you all been up to lately?

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