Three cheers for three shelves

June 30, 2014
The reason why I posted a day late last Friday, was because my sister had suddenly decided to take out her bed and the rest of her stuff from our room onto her new home. We had shared a room since we were kids and after my brother was born we basically had no choice. So we were packing and moving boxes all day, and by the end of the day, I had to move my remaining furniture and stuff around to my pleasing.

And after many drafted floor plans and moving the bed across the room a couple of times, I finally agreed with it's position and began stacking the three shelves I now own. I honestly didn't know what to put on those shelves, since I realized I didn't have much stuff. But I am pretty grateful for these three shelves, since there was a time when I would complain that I didn't own a shelf of my own while my sister owned two on her side of the room. I had to stack my books on my side table for years until a half shelf came in, and now that my sister moved out, I have three. Three cheers for three shelves. Hip Hip Horaay! x3

With that, I decided it was time to show off my lovely book shelf. It is organized by genre. Young adult and general fiction on top, medieval and historical romance below that, self help right after, and recipe books on the bottom shelf. Yay for an organized book shelf. 

While I was organizing my papers and such, I found a few papers stuck on the side of my half-shelf that was next to my bed before everything was moved. It had stories, goals, and motivating phrases related to weight loss. At the time, I thought it would help me with my weight loss and it did. I decided to keep it and rewrite everything after tossing some already fulfilled goals out. 

Have a wonderful Monday y'all! 
Oh and Ramadan Kareem to those who are fasting this summer.

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