More Coral

June 25, 2014

My outfits are very coral these days. It has subconsciously become my favorite color. How can you blame it, it's a perfect color for the summer.

So recently we had a surprise birthday dinner for my sister at a very fancy shmancy restaurant called Oliveto. I've never been to Oliveto before since the location was recommended by a close friend of ours, I've decided to review the restaurant in the upcoming posts. Yay! 

We planned this surprise dinner for a month or so, and I am quite proud of myself for keeping cool in front of my sister throughout the entire planning process. And on the day, I had to avoid her as much as possible so my face or actions wouldn't give out anything suspicious. Thanks to my new brother-in-law; her husband, who found a way to distract her and keep her away from the house so I could leave without suspicion to pick up the cake and make my way to the restaurant. 

The night was a good one, my sister was surprised and did not suspect anything! Mission accomplished! 

I tried my best not to outshine the birthday girl, so I played it safe with solid colors and no patterns. 
| Button up- Philippines | Jeans - Bershka
Belt - Forever 21 | Flats - H&M

Have a great Wednesday everyone! 

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