Summer time madness with floral

April 11, 2014

This post was supposed to be called "Spring time madness" but the weather suddenly changed - again, and now it's hot, kind of. Bahrain doesn't have spring, it only has the following: summer, scotching hot summer, winter, and frostbite winter, oh and random sandstorms or rain every now and then. So yay for that. Now the county is on the summer phase of the weather cycle in a desert. 

I persuaded my brother to come and take photos with/of me this time. I thought it would be fun to add him into the frame. 

Since I'm trying to save up for my trips to Oman and Florida later this summer, I haven't settled down to having a budget every month. I've bought what needs to be bought and gawked over the things that I can't seem to afford, but the term budget doesn't seem to dangle on top of the price tags when I see thing's I can't afford.

But nonetheless, I've settled on buying ONE simple summer dress that has the usual A-line cut that seems to flatter my body. Tip of the day: Wear the type of clothes that flatter your body type, and you'll INSTANTLY feel good about yourself. And this dress did it for me, though, I would love it a lot more if it were a V-neck. My ladies were feeling a little bit restrained and needed a bit of air, poor things.

When I walked into Forever 21 the day I bought the dress; which was quite recently actually, everything was so floral. Literally. All the floral tops, dresses, and pastel everything. Oh and crop tops. I don't know if they have it on your side of the world but is it me or has F21 gone and chopped off all their basic tee's and decide to sell them for a lot more that they should for a small shirt. There were crop tops every where in the store and don't get me wrong, I enjoy dressing up dresses and skirts with my crop tops, and I know that it's a trend, but go easy on it F21, people might think it's a children store.


| Dress (similar, similar) - Forever 21 | Shoes & Belt - H&M | Cardigan & Necklace - Gifts from Dad | 
It was a fun shoot. Thanks bro! 

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  1. I love the dress and yes, it's the same where I'm from too (sans the winter) it's only ever really hot or raining here :)

    1. It's good to here that the F21 in my country isn't going mad with crop tops! xD

  2. Cute dress! I adore all the colors!

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